Radiant Author: Javaka Steptoe Shares Inspiration, Heartache and Ambition

Javaka Steptoe was all over book news in January, but new interviews and stories continue to post. One of the most interesting interviews I’ve heard with Mr. Steptoe is by Jesse Thorn, for the Bullseye program. Steptoe speaks of the impact that Basquiat’s work has had on his life, the death of his father from AIDS, and mental illness within his family.

He is also interviewed by Porsha Monique for the Rolling Out website. In this piece he discusses how he creates the concepts for his books and compares his writing to making music.

radiant child.jpg

Radiant Child was featured in Sarah Bagby’s news story about Art books for kids on Wichita’s public radio station, KMUW.

“Steptoe expands the writing way beyond the boundaries of the story.” -Sarah Bagby

Another great introduction to the book is on the Little Brown’s website. This includes basic information about the book and author as well as the opportunity to look through the first few pages of the book.


In case you missed it in January, Shannon Maughan of  Publisher’s Weekly posted a riveting interview with Javaka Steptoe after he learned that he had won the Caldecott Medal.

Javaka Steptoe will be attending the Texas Library Association Annual Conference on Friday April 21, 2017.

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