Houston: D3N!@L Pop-Up Show Tonight Only!

What: Pop-Up art show. Free drinks from Deep Eddy Vodka!

Where: Unit B11 – Winter Street Studios-2101 Winter St. Houston, TX 77007

When: Friday March 24, 2017 from noon- 10 PM


Come and join UP Art Studios for a POP-UP with D3N!@L (or DENIAL.) He’s a mixed-media artist and designer from Canada. In 2000 he created and adopted the moniker D3N!@L as a signature as well as an alter ego for his creative work. The pseudonym is an alpha-numerical phonetic mix-up representing his first name. By definition it is meant to poke fun at modern advertising, politics and media messages that society is often “in denial” about. Denial is known for his prolific guerrilla style marketing campaigns which take aim publicly at such ideas as social justice, pop culture, media and new world order conspiracy theory. With over 500,000 of his adhesive insignias being displayed in public places around the world the D3N!@L project has become more of a conceptual piece of marketing absurdism. DENIAL intends to challenge traditional ideas about graffiti and public art as well as the excessive corporate use of public space. DENIAL creates his imaginative contemporary art works in Southwestern Ontario but his pieces are popping up all over North America. His recent work includes exclusive custom pieces for clients in Toronto’s Distillery District, CBC Canada, MTV USA, Colart Collection in Montreal, Social Restolounge in Calgary and for Toronto based designer Lori Morris Design Inc. at The Pearson International Airport


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