Awkward coffee shop blind date continued:

“So, you’re from Venezuela, like do you know Barcelona?” he asks.

“Um, well, they aren’t the same place…”

“Right, I just thought that maybe you’d been there. I love Barcelona. I was there once during the Olympics.” He puffs his chest.

He used to live in NYC with several roommates, she used to live in a trailer.

“Do you speak any languages besides Spanish and English?” he asks.

“Well, no. I always thought that two languages was good.”

“Well, I speak Italian two so, it’s like the same. They’re both romance languages.” He smiles, she chuckles.

“We get paid higher salarys but because of inflation we have to invest well. The Interest rate is low now so it’s like why would you want to be the guy holding those? You want to be the guy lending them.”

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