Spying on an awkward blind date at a coffee shop

When I first got here the guy would jump up every time a woman walked upstairs. Finally he thought that the right woman had arrived, “Julie?” he asked.

 ”No,” she said, but she hugged him anyway.

 ”I’m supposed to meet someone here too.” It was even more awkward because you see that he was into her. They talked for a moment and then she walked away.

Finally the REAL Julie showed up, poor girl. He asks her banal questions and unlike some men that I know he at least pretends to listen to her responses.

She’s the kind of girl that says “like” at least once in every sentence. After they talk for awhile I start to hear the “likes” come out of him too.

He’s the kind of business looking guy with a pressed dress shirt tucked into his jeans. bulky silver watch and old man haircut. Poor guy. He says he’s in his 20’s, looks a bit world worn.

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