Current Musical Obsession: Bad Bad Hats

Bad Bad Hats have one EP, which came out a few years ago one full-length album, Psychic Reader but I didn’t hear them or about them until I had the opportunity to see them live as the opening band for The Front-Bottoms.

Lead by singer, song-writer Kerry Alexander (vocals, guitar, synth) the band has a sound reminiscent of early METRIC, with a dash of Shawn Colvin and yet sounds like no other band around. Or as my husband describes them, “If Beth Orton and METRIC had a love child it would be Bad Bad Hats.” They use classic arrangements and simple melodies that have innovative twitches and catches. Lyrically Alexander has all of the delicious word play, energy, angst and passion that you could hope for.

The music market is sutured and its impossible to know everything that’s going on. I don’t envy the position that bands like Bad Bad Hats are in. They are as good or better than most of what is marketed hard, but how to break through? Watch the videos, buy the mercy, listen to the songs. Like and share.

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