Have You Seen the Stanley Books by William Bee?

One of the joys of being a librarian is having access to an enormous quantity and variety of material. Every now and again I will discover an author and/or illustrator who is new to me and sometimes their work is as eye-catching and special as the titles by William Bee.

With a flat bright illustration style reminiscent of the 1970’s William Bee’s titles are visually striking. There are eight titles in the Stanley series. They are physically appealing, square in shape (about 9 in. by 9 in.) and have a slightly padded cover. They all feature Stanley the hampster in simple stories that encourage good citizenship and love of hats. There is a set of concept titles, colors, shapes, and numbers as well as a set of career-themedĀ titles including the builder, the farmer, the garage. Readers are sure to fall in love with the characters and the simple, lovely world that Stanley resides in.



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