Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim = The Art Lover’s Graphic Novel

Same Difference gives a peek into the day-to-day lives of a group of Korean 20 somethings attempting to make their way in the world. It isn’t a huge story that knocks you over the head with a moralistic idea- instead it allows readers to glimpse the fears, insecurities, desires and humor of the characters. Kim allows his characters to be seen at their worst, in one case literally on the toilet. We join them as they drift into reverie listening to Tom Waits ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ and see how they respond to being forcefully reunited with old high school classmates. 

I recommend this title for all graphic novel readers. Parents may want to view it before sharing it with kids under high school age as it does have adult themes. Derek Kirk Kim’s mastery of illustration is evidenced not only by the variety of scenery but by the expressive quality of his characters. Poetic, funny, smart and simple, Same Difference is graphic novel as art.

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