Great Moments in Television = Jebidiah Atkinson Discussing the Oscar Noms

Few things in any art form have made me as happy over the last several months as actor, Taran Killam‘s snarky 1860’s film critic, Jebidiah Atkinson on Saturday Night’s Live‘s news segment. With requisite curled wig, wire-framed glasses and broach emblazoned neck-scarf, he rambles off problems with every film imaginable. 

The last edition involved films currently nominated for Oscars as well as winners from years past. Killam’s full throttle character is as much fun to watch as he is to listen to, slight eye raises and lip movements intensify the words. Jebidiah reads from cue cards and throws them in frustration after each review. The trajectory of the cards can become as funny as what is on them. These skits are a gem and I’m thankful for the intelligence, wit and joy with which they are presented.

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