John Lewis’ Graphic Novel, March, makes learning about the civil rights movement in America accessible to everyone

March is the first in a trilogy of books about the civil rights movement written by Congressman and American icon, John Lewis. Hes been a key figure throughout the civil rights movement and Book 1 begins with his youth in Alabama. It goes on to explain the impact on his life when he met Martin Luther King Jr. and ends with a rally on the steps of city hall.

The book is told in graphic novel format with the assistance of co-author Andrew Aydin, and art by Nate Powell.

The books has received incredible reviews and has been featured on multiple television shows, including The Colbert Report.

There’s  a Teacher’s Guide available to help best translate the information for a school setting. It’s an excellent read for anyone from late grade school through adult. This is our history and upon reading March, you can’t help but feel charged up to ensure civil rights for all Americans.

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