Lucy McRae

Get ready to sweat roses with perfume in a pill.

Self-professed “body architect” Lucy McRae marries technology and fashion, with a keen emphasis on our anatomy.  Experimenting with body form manipulation, this Australian artist utilizes both low and high-tech material “from transparent plumbing tubing to colored gelatin” to create stunning structures that extend the silhouette of the body into uncharted territory.  “I became obsessed with this idea of blurring the perimeter of the body,” she tells Capitol Couture. “So you couldn’t see where the skin ended and the near environment started.”  

With clients ranging from Vogue to pop star Robyn and artist Nick Knight, McRae—a trained architect and ballerina—is at the helm of an extensive list of projects that dabble in various mediums. She has created short films that explore human cloning and Swallowable Parfum is a pill she is developing that works with enzymes to release fragrance through perspiration. Will Cinna soon have some significant competition? The Capitol looks forward to myriad innovations from McRae’s brilliant mind, as she continues her exquisitely unconventional approach to the culture of keeping up appearances.

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