Marisha Pessl infuses her new highly acclaimed novel Night Film with web pages, short films and other media in a ground-breaking work of fiction.

I first heard about author Marisha Pessl on the August 11, 2013 episode of CBS Sunday Morning. Their story included one of the four short films that the author created to promote her book as well as a brief intro to her story. Pessl was awash in controversy when her first book, Special Topic in Calamity Physics sold for the unprecedented amount of $615,000.  

Included in her forward thinking for the creation and promotion of the new book, Pessl created an entire ad campaign, including posters for each of the short films.

Night Film begins with 20 pages that appear to be web pages. From false obituaries, slide shows and Facebook statuses the reader is introduced to the idea that the world is questioning the strange and untimely death of Ashley Cordova, the 24 year old daughter of film-maker Stanislas Cordova. The Boston Globe calls Stanislas Cordova “one of the best villains in recent memory.”

Pessl’s book is receiving consistent praise from the media and blogger/reviewers. Her interesting approach and promotions have worked on me. I just ordered her book : )


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