Help Create “It Was Written,” new doc on Chicago Grafitti in the 1990’s

There was a time when Chicago was coverd in grafitti. Mayor Daley went to war, created a buffing team, the Grafitti Blasters and wiped out tons of work almost overnight. Much of this story has seeped through the cracks of history. While Chicago still has a vibrant street art scene, it’s orgins are hard to trace. In steps Houston-based filmmaker Joshua Conro to tell the story. He has spent years combing through files, videos, photographs and compiling interviews with writers building this compelling story. See for yourself:

This film requires funds to be completed. The filmmakers are currently seeking funds to pay for:

  • music licensing fees
  • travel/location costs
  • archival usage fees
  • post-production costs (editing, sound, color, etc.)
  • additional A/V needs
  • insurance
  • animation
  • fulfillment costs

Please consider supporting this film. Please share with friends or colleagues who might be interested in supporting it. Follow the film on Instagram. There are some awesome incentives for support including a sticker pack:

A limited edition T-shirt:

And a C3PO Limited Edition “Train” print, series 3 out of 3, printed on canvas and professionally framed.

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