“Hollow Kingdom” is a Genre-Bending Apocalyptic Book That is Weird & Wonderful

Hollow Kingdom” takes readers on a genre-bending, adventure narrated by animals who see the world from their owner’s perspectives. The main narrator, S.T., which is short for shit turd, lived in a home with a guy who downed Pabst Blue Ribbon, found all of his dates on Tinder and subscribed to Big Butts magazine. S.T. has a perversely skewed view of the world. He thinks that all people are called MoFo’s, that Cheetos are “fine dining” and that Monster Energy Drink is good for you.

S.T. and his dog partner Dennis soon realize that something is wrong with their owner Jim and that there has been no contact from the outside world. They begin a journey to find food and discover what is happening to find that all of the MoFo’s are infected with an illness that causes them to groan and deform, zombie-like. Dennis and S.T listened to the trees to get clues about what was happening.

“Trees are normally very general and all-inclusive with their wisdom pearls. When a tree decides to talk to you, it’s a very, very big deal, as if the world stops, as if you are scooped up and held in a snowglobe, weightless and womb-like. I felt their vibrations in my feathers, in the flutter of my little black heart.”

The adventurers come across many other creatures and it doesn’t take them long to realize that the world will never be the same as they had known it to be. The animals band together to rescue as many domestic animals from homes as possible and to forage food from shops and zoos. The trees continue to be a source of wisdom.

If you are alive-whether of blood or bark-you will be struck by pain, love, laughing, fear, anger, and the particular ache of sadness. There will be joys that quiver your leaves and betrayals that will sever your roots, poisoning the water you pull. These are the varying notes in the music of living.

Alternating the point of view between S.T. and other animals in other parts of the world author Kira Jane Buxton captures the vastness of the new dilemma and reality for these panicked animals. We do learn the causes of the outbreak, and the animals discover how to protect themselves and lure the MoFos. With a winning combination of fresh word choices, clever turns of phrase and sprinkled with pop culture the pages are peppered with surprises.

I extolled the virtues of MoFos, such as the varied histories of different cultures, the beauty in their physical differences, their creations, laughter, love. I told them about how MoFos dedicate an hour to happiness every day with Pabst Blue Ribbon and heavily discounted tater tots. I told them about how even though MoFo’s weren’t born with wings they, made their own and put them on airplanes and maxi pads.

This book does have some graphic descriptions and plenty of foul language so it is not for readers easily offended, but for those who are looking for smart, cracking, bold, original novel, here it is!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Publication date: August 2019
ISBN: 9781538745823
Page Count: 308
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

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