M&M’s Three New Flavors – Vote For Your Fave: Jalapeño, Toffee or Thai Coconut!

This year M&M’s have introduced three internationally inspired flavors that fans can vote on. The winning flavor will be regularly available and all voters will be entered into a contest to win a trip around the world.

With a very unscientific group of fellow tasters, we have decided that we all like different flavors, BUT, overall we felt that the Mexican Jalapeño Peanut flavor was the most unique and tastes remarkably similar to a real, natural jalapeño with a peanut, a layer of chocolate and that trademark candy shell! The blend of a bit of heat with chocolate gives the candy a zip that is unlike other candies on the market. One taster said, “it makes me feel like I’m drinking a margarita.” Another taster said, “I like it, but don’t think I could eat a whole bag.”

Mexican Jalapeno Peanut

The Thai Coconut Peanut flavor was the least favorite flavor of all of the tasters. The coconut flavor blends well with the chocolate, peanut and candy shell, but the added curry is a bit overpowering and was not a flavor that my tasters liked. “It tastes like what tanning lotion smells like,” said one taster. Another said, “I love curry chicken, but I don’t want that flavor in my candy.” My final taster said that they love coconut flavor in chocolate but because there are already established candies with that flavor they didn’t see themselves buying these.

Thai Coconut Peanut

The English Toffee Peanut was overall liked by my tasters, but they all stated that they prefer existing toffee and chocolate candies all of which have a better, more satisfying crunch. One taster liked it at first but later said that the flavor was too strong and, “tasted like a caramel espresso.” One taster said that “they go down easy, like caramel popcorn.” Another said, “the flavor is just a bit off for me, too strong, too sweet.”

English Toffee Peanut

We found our packs at a local Target. They can also be purchased in bigger bags online. If you try them out, please let me know what you think!

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