“Out of Nothing” Remixes the Human Story

This graphic novel encompasses 13.84 billion years and argues that all great changes and developments of storytelling came from someone mixing two unlikely things together. The book begins by introducing us to a human chimera whose ghost-like behavior allows her to inhabit the time and space of great thinkers and creators over this massive span of time.

From totem creation to inscriptions in stone, how the ancient cultures recorded their histories directly influences how we continue to shape our stories. In contemporary times these stories were told through various types of art including the painting of Picasso and the music mixing of DJ Herc.

The books also considers scientific discovery and innovation via the mixing concept. From the Big Bang, to the Manhattan Project, genetic mutations and the development of the internet.

The theories, ideas and ponderings are likely to inspire thinkers and dreamers and to more deeply consider the sections that relate to them. The appealing physical format, heavy paper, bold colors and clear lettering make the book visual pop rock candy.

Teens and adults who enjoy a bit of brain poking with their graphic novel reads will certainly enjoy the experience of Out of Nothing.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Publication Date: 2-5-18
ISBN: 9781910620281
Page Count: 248
Publisher: Nobrow

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