“We Are Going to Be Friends” is a Stunning Picture Book for all Readers and a Particular Delight for Fans of the White Stripes

The lyrics of one of the most well-known songs by the band the White Stripes have been transformed to the text of an extraordinary children’s picture book. The lyrics tell the simple story of a boy and girl who go to school together each day and are confident that they are meant to be friends. Doesn’t everyone have someone like that in their lives? The first time that you saw them or spoke to them you knew you would be friends? While it’s a sweet story, it is the design of the book, the artistic inserts and unique art style that make it stand out from other children’s picture books.


The book is illustrated by artist Elinor Blake whose previous work includes the television show Ren & Stimpy. Blake was a great choice for the book because her style has a swooshy dated feeling that compliments the timeless text of the book. The original illustrations are matched with photographs and public domain images giving each page a unique feel and plenty for a child to look at. Careful viewers will spot the music symbols in the children’s ears.

Using only shades of gray, black, white and the band’s trademark red the images jump from the page. Crisp red vellum lay between the endpapers one with the girl’s face, the other with the boy’s, so they are always together with just the film between them.

IMG_2921 (2)

The book comes with a free digital download of four versions of the song and makes a great sharing book for classrooms, libraries or homes.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Pub date: 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9964016-9-2
Page Count: 36
Publisher: Third Man Records




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