Float Through the Air, Digitally! Paint a Song, No Skills Required

In 2009 the Spanish communications company, Herraizsoto&co created a unique viewing and playing experience for musician Virginia Labuat‘s ethereal song, Soy Tu Aire.

When you open the website you’ll be met with this message:

Soy tu Aire is a song full of complexity and simplicity. Of orchestra and whispery vocals. Of truths and lies intermingled in light of its highs and lows. We wanted to give you something so you can move with the song.

A paintbrush.

You move the mouse however you are inspired to. Your twists may become a figure, a fish or a swirl of stars. The options are seemingly endless!

Image result for soy tu aire

Image result for soy tu aire

Image result for soy tu aire

It provides instant relaxation and inspiration. You can also record your experience and share it. Enjoy!



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