3 Bouncy Board Books for Active Babies

Boats Float by Rebecca Glaser – Simple sentences sit on the side of crisp photographs of boats. They are matched with bold and effective action words, some are also onomatopoeia words. Whoosh! Splash! The bright colors and visible action of the pictures are sure to excite kids who love things that go!

Around the World in 80 Days: A Transportation Primer by Jennifer Adams. Gibbs Smith has a popular line of adult classic novels turned into eye-catching board books. The latest addition will make kids think about all of the ways people can travel and will teach them new words like palanquin and schooner. The illustrations use an appealing sunset hued color palette.


Counting with Tiny Catby Viviane Schwartz is a basic counting book with a charming main character.  Tiny cat begins the book with none, and then is given one ball at a time until he has enough. Each page features tiny cat, who is blissfully engaged in the activity of receiving and playing with the balls. He is drawn with simple strokes and painted with a wash a gray. The balls are red swirls which make the images pop off of the page. Fun for cat lovers and for teaching counting and numbers this book is a pure delight.

cat and ball

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