New Orleans Slaps, Wheat pastes and Sundry Street Art

Took a quick spin through New Orleans on the last few days of March and saw art and slaps along the way. Primarily found in Bywater.


The keyboard and quote are trademarks of artist WRDSMTH. I few pieces by this artist can be found around the city. This piece is quite large and on Tchoupitoulas.

I don’t know who the artist of this little piece is, but it does remind me of some of the early pieces of Houston artist Eyesore.

READER OPEN YOUR EYES. Is this artist is XXXO?

This piece is around the corner from Banksy’s Umbrela Girl at the far edge of the French Quarter. Art by @imdjangarcia #bewhatyoudream #ichoosemagic

This fantastical beast is by @imdianagarcia and can be found around the corner from Banksy’s Umbrella Girl at the edge of the French Quarter. It is graced with the hashtags #bewhatyoudream and #ichoosemagic.

This piece by Lil Danlilly is a mix of outer space, the beach and pole dancing.

This You Go Girl piece has the artist’s signature colors along with the often featured green monster hand, flip phone and pink hair. Beastiness meets with femininity and the quest to always be connected.

Fell in love with this wall sized piece by Crude. Monsters with a heart and plenty of eyes on the world. Whimsical and engaging.

Close-up of some of the fabulous creatures and creepers wheat pasted on a wall off of St. Roch. Is this piece by Crude too? On a quick glance the sketches seem child-like, but upon closer inspection there is some real painterly technique and great expression in the faces and body language of the characters.

No mark as to who the artist of this celestial, desert themed piece is.

Found this pretty stencil peeking off of a door frame.

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