Valentine’s Day’s Darker Side: Vinegar Valentine’s

As long as there has been love there has been jealousy, regret, contempt, and frustration. What better time to express these emotions that overtake you than on Valentine’s Day? Since 1840 a sprinkling of these negative messages can be found on cards, postcards, and note paper, usually cheaply produced and costing around a penny. This low cost gave them the mistaken nickname of Penny Dreadfuls. Penny Dreadfuls actually refers to cheap serial publications popular in the mid-1800’s.

There is no shortage of sassy sentiment available today, often with a pop culture twist, but these are some of the classics from days of yore. Enjoy!

CIGARETTE FIENDf6a22781dc6b527d19989c3337a4987f--vinegar-vintage-cardsimagevintage-vinegar-valentines-cards-are-weird-photos-8work-valentine.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartvinegar_radiobugvinegar-670x374-vinegar-valentines6

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