Teachers & Librarians Affected by Harvey or Irma: Get Replacement Books Here for Free!

Authors, illustrators, publishers, and book distribution centers have banned together to create an efficient way to get new materials to the organizations that need them.  There is currently a large cache of NEW donated books that are looking for homes.

If you are a principal, librarian or teacher of a school or facility that was affected by Hurricanes Harvey or Irma you can fill out the form to be considered.  Please make sure that the address you share for donations is a safe, dry location where boxes of books can be stored. When you no longer wish to receive donations, please send an email to katemessnerbooks@gmail.com and your information will be updated to reflect that.

Books have been pouring in faster than they can be distributed. Author Becky Wallace has been sharing posts of her experience helping with the book drive on Instagram. “My entryway is full of unsorted books. More arrive every day.”  Please share the word and if you are in a position to donate or volunteer to help you can use the same contact information listed above to get involved. Thanks!

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