Be Matched Family to Family to Help Houston with Sugar & Cloth

We are still feeling rain fall here in Houston, but it is slow enough now that we are beginning to see where our problems are and are beginning to clean up and think about how we can rebuild. Everyone wants to help and thats a great thing, but when you donate money how can you be sure that you’re helping actual people? No one wants their money to be spent on unnecessary ancillary items when real people are struggling.

There is a Houston based group trying to directly attach family’s in need with people willing to help. Think of it like the wish cards that you can find at stores at Christmas time. You are given the name, age, sizes of a specific person and you buy the things for them, with them in mind.

Sugar & Cloth is the organization. They are holding a food and supplies drive and then connecting families with willing donators. It is a small grassroots project that might have huge impact.

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