Where can you find “Twin Peaks” Merch?

Twin Peaks is happening again. For many of us, this is a revisit of a show that we loved 25 years ago. I still have Laura Palmer’s Diary and have dug out some of my old fandom tchotchkes. Where should new fans go to find goods to celebrate their love of this weird and wonderful show?

Technically, the only official merch is available from the channel producing the show, Showtime. They have also sold some liscensed items to Hot Topic.

Many artists all over the world have been and continue to be inpisred by the David Lynch‘s mythical town. You can buy original artist renderings of drawings inspired by the show at Redbubble, Society6 and Etsy. These images can be put onto myriad products from shirts and mugs to pillows, stickers and phone cases.

Some of the pop culture, shirt-a-day sites have also given in to Twin Peaks fever. Although the shirts were cheaper on the first day that they were available, you can still get them at Shirt Punch, Tee Fury and Once Upon A Tee

These quirky Funko Pop Dolls are available at comic book stores, record stores and are available online from Amazon and other resources. 

Do you know of awesome Twin Peaks merch that I missed? Please share!

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