“KURIOS” Transports You to 1890’s Paris

Walking up to the majestic blue and yellow tents one already feels transported to a place and time far, far away from Houston. Fantastical instrumental music, bouncing with unexpected twists, wafts through the air. Next you see elaborately decorated people on stilts who are so deft at their craft, they truly appear to be 10 feet tall. You are greeted by a beautiful gypsy, or steampunk airship captain and if you allow yourself, from this moment, until the moment you leave, you can BE in 1990’s Paris.

Having never been to a Cirque du Soliel show before I am in awe at the all encompassing quality and control of the experience. Every sight, sound, smell and taste adds to the experience. Walking into the tent, both my daughter and I gasped with awe. Give yourself time to walk every inch of the tent. Look at the posters and the figurines and the television screens. If you post photos on social media be sure to tag them and you might even see yourself on their screen.

airship Kurios
Photo by: Martin Girad

When we were settled into our seats (and it didn’t seem like there was a bad seat in the house), we gasped again at the extravagant set. Gears and windows with the rich, world-worn grains of wood and tones of metal. Fog was swirling around the stage as a set of scientist clowns interacted with the crowd. We were, at this point, already fully “in” to the show.

Ma Petite
Photo by: Martin Girard

I don’t want to say much about the show itself because like most worthwhile art forms, the unwinding and unwrapping of the acts is part of what adds value to the experience. Just sit back and let the story unravel for you. If, unlike us, you are going more for the circus aspect than the art aspect, I can reassure you that you will not be disappointed in the quality and quantity of the feats of athleticism and trickery. Five men standing on each others shoulders, women contorting into unfathomable shapes and all matter of swooping through the air will be witnessed.

fish girls
Photo by: Martin Girard

We will be studying, appreciating and revisiting this show often. From the costuming, and music, to the lights and set design it is pure artistry on every level. The performances are a delectable frosting on this delicious experience.

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