Girls Get a Chance to Try Something New with Houston Roller Derby Juniors

Roller derby is one of the only truly inclusive sports available to girls today. Kids from every ethnicity, class, body shape, and size have found their place in the sport of roller derby. It can be intimidating to think about starting out. How do you learn the rules? Where is a safe place to practice? How do you meet other derby enthusiasts?

The Houston Roller derby offers a junior league to give kids a chance to check out the sport. HRD’s Junior Derby league aims to create an opportunity for girls ages 7-17 to explore health, leadership, and FUN while learning the world’s fastest growing women’s sport – flat track roller derby! Girls of all ability are welcome! For more information, please contact:


Ideally girls should have all their own equipment, but the league understands it can be cost prohibitive. Girls are welcome to borrow from the extra gear on hand at their practice facility until they get their own, but their children’s sizes (especially for skates) are pretty limited, so there is no guarantee they will have spare gear on hand to fit your child. In order to play safely, all skaters must be wearing properly fitting:

Mouth guard (skaters MUST provide their own – the league does not keep extras on hand!)
Quad skates (if you’d like advice on what to get or where to shop, let the derby know)
Elbow pads
Wrist guards
Helmet (they recommend helmets made for skateboarding or hockey)

The next session runs from March 18 – May 20. That’s 10 practice/training sessions for $100!

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