Be the Peace – Be the Hope: Come and Decorate a Canvas to be Turned Into a Tent for Refugees

Children ages 10-18 can stop in anytime at Lone Star Tomball Community Library to decorate a canvas square which will be sewn into a tent for refugees. All of the supplies are provided and we will send the materials back to the organization for you.

By cultivating compassion, awareness, and global connection through simple actions, this program expands the youth’s collective capacity for dialogue and for uniting forces in order to create the positive change they wish to see in the world, despite disparate situations. – Mission Statement of the Be the Peace – Be the Hope Organization.

There are currently over eight million children in refugee camps around the world. Many are separated from their families and homes with no knowledge of when things may change for the better for them. This program is an answer to the question, “What can I do to help?”


Sharing a positive message of hope is a step that we can all take to give some peace to these lonely children. This program allows children to send loving thoughts to other children.

  • Think of a design (the canvas pieces about the size of a sheet of paper).
  • Stop by the Children’s Department to let them know you are interested in making a canvas.
  • Paint your canvas at the library, we provide all of the materials.
  • Return your completed canvas and we’ll do the rest!

This project is hosted by the Texas-French Alliance For the Arts. All canvases must be completed and returned by the end of the month so come and visit us soon!



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