Two Great Easy Readers: “We Are Growing!” and “Wet Hen”

We Are Growing! is the first release in a new early reader series cawe-are-growinglled, Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! The books will all have end pages of the beloved Mo Willems characters, Elephant and Piggie, and will all begin with Elephant and Piggie explaining the book to the reader.

This story is about eight friends, who are all blades of grass. Just like people, they are all different shades, and have different characteristics and talents. One is tall, one can grow a curly top, and one just can’t seem to grow as fast as his friends.

The illustrations are simplistic and appealing and the simple words are fun and hilarious. It’s told in a graphic novel style, each blade speaking and thinking in bubbles. This book, and series is sure to draw in all early readers- including reluctant readers. Kids will relish in the personalities of each blade of grass which deepen upon every reading.

Wet Hen by Molly Coxe is the latest addition to the BraveMouse Readers Short Vowel Adventures series. Each book in the series features one short vowel sound and two story starters, hoping to inspire children to tell their own story. The visuals of Wet Hen are enchanting. Hand crafted, miniature figures of a mouse named Ben, and his friend Hen are set in a natural environment. Their friendship is enviable, even when told with very few words. Kids will dive into the fantasy world presented in these books and can even see a video on how they were created.

All of the BraveMouse Readers are available in multiple Bilingual editions as well as in English. They can be used by teachers, parents encouraging reading, or by adults toying with the nuances of language. These books are a complete joy.


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