Street Art Thrives in Chicago’s Logan Square & Wicker Park 

Walk any mile in the Logan Square and Wicker Park neighborhoods of Chicago and you’ll be exposed to a huge variety and quantity of street art – if you choose to see it.

Most people walk past slapped stickers, some hand drawn on Priority Mail Labels, some printed on high-grade weather-safe vinyl. Few people pause to take in the paintings on paper which have been wheat-pasted onto poles or boarded buildings. It’s rare to see a person cock their head to take in the numerous murals filling walls in the area. These people are missing out because the breadth of variety, humor and talent presented for free on the streets around them.

Here is a sampling of the dozens of pieces that caught our eye in one week in May, 2016. (All images are taken on iPhone and are untouched so please excuse low pixel counts, etc.)

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