Free & Fabulous, the Besthoff Sculpture Garden is a New Orleans Must

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Having lived in New Orleans for several years and now returning back many times each year, people often ask me for tips about the city. The truth about New Orleans, as is true with many other great cities, is that what I enjoy there and what someone else might enjoy their can be vastly different things. It’s hard to make sweeping suggestions that everyone would enjoy. That said, I am confident that almost anyone would enjoy a stop at the Besthoff Sculpture Garden.

The garden is nestled in one of the cities biggest treasures, City Park. Its open daily from 10-6pm and it is always completely free. The 50 sculptures by famous national and international artists are sprinkled throughout the lavish five acre grounds. There are pieces ranging from the classic sculptors, Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin to a huge spider by Louis Bourgeois and a reflective box by Anish Kapoor. There is enough variety that everyone will find at least one piece that will move, challenge, thrill or frustrate them. The winding paths weave through the rich wildlife and lagoons and include many stopping spots, including benches for relaxation and quiet reflection.

After you’ve finished a walk through of the sculpture garden enjoy some beignets at Morning Call, also conveniently located in City Park.


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