“Jonesy”: Promising 1st Issue of Kid/Teen Comic Book 4 shot

In the kid and teen comic book world there are lots of television and film publications and lots of retreads.

Jonesy is a refreshing retreat from the same old with a fresh, bold look and timely affectations. The book starts with us meeting Jonesy. She is willfully different in her dress and style yet longs to fit in. Nothing new there, right?


Where the authors win is with the choice to allow the illustrations to tell a large part of her emotional journey and there is no kid around who can’t relate to the one told here.

The illustrations are brightly colored and have non traditional shapes. The eyes and teeth are unexpected and it’s refreshing to see characters of different colors without it being “the point” of the story.

This is book 1 of a series of 4. Book one was released in February 2016 with new installments coming out in March, April and May.

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