“Penny Dreadful” Treasures from Den of Geek – This Book is a MUST for Fans! 

Last month I was lucky enough to be the winner of the Grand Prize in Den of Geek’s Penny Dreadful give-away. The prize pack was even more full of dreadful delights than I could have dreamed. I received a T-shirt, a full color bag, a wine decanter with glass, a candle, a tarot card deck just like the one that the character Vanessa Ives uses on the show!

As if that weren’t enough, I also received 5 gift cards with downloads for the entire first season! I kept one and was able to share the others with friends who I’ve been telling about the show since I first discovered it a few episodes into Season One. 

As much as I love every part of the package, the thing that I will go back to for years to come is the stunning 176 page, full color, lushishly illustrated book on the art and making of the show. The book discusses the inspiration for the storyline, shows sketches of costumes and sets, has behind the scene pics revealing how some of the special effects are shot and so much more. The silky thick pages are as satisfying to the touch as is the content on the pages. It’s a rare treat to be able to study photographs of the sets of your favorite television show and that’s only one of the pleasures provided by this book. Retailing at $25.00 the book is a must for fans of the show.  


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