Do you love comics? Yay! Get some for free.

Comics for kids-adults and everyone in between.

Never read a comic but wonder what the fuss is about?

Try some out for FREE.

No strings attached, no purchase necessary.
Free Comic Book Day is an annual event that was created by comic book companies and shop owners to express their gratitude to their readers and to attempt to recruit new readers. It’s always the first Saturday of May, this year it takes place on Saturday May 2, 2015. Most specialty comic book stores participate in the event and each store’s celebration will vary so be sure to check their websites. You can find more information here:

There are over 50 titles being given away this year! Shops vary greatly on how many titles they’ll give away per customer but you are guaranteed to receive at least one. It’s common to receive about 5 free titles, usually from your choosing. Some of the highlights on this years list include: Bob’s Burgers, Fight Club, Doctor Who, Wonderland, Pokemon and The Avengers.

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