Athena Voltaire is a Graphic Novel Compendium with Classic Appeal

Athena Voltaire is an aviatrix heroine who fights against Nazi’s, vampires and mythical creatures while she earns a paycheck. She is beautiful and buxom and isn’t distracted by the onslaught of attention that she receives from her male counterparts.

Bryant uses traditional pulp comic story-telling tactics with clear cut heroes and villains and turns it on it’s head with a female protagonist. He uses puns and quick witted sarcasm- characteristic to story telling of the 1940’s in which the stories are set. 

The illustrations are bold and flowing, concise and crisp and give readers a great sense of the various exotic locales where Athena travels. Reminiscent of Indiana Jones, the Athena Voltaire stories are a great read for fans of escapist comics and those who respond to a direct and thrilling comic book.

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