Banksy is Back!

Notorious Street Artist and prankster Banksy posted two tweets on Twitter last week after nearly four months of silence. During the week there had been buzz about the painter.

— banksy (@banksyny) August 15, 2014

There was a piece on the Chicago news claiming that a new piece by the artist had come up overnight in L.A. The main flaw with the story is that Banksy tends to take credit for his work and there has been now reassurance that the piece is by him.

Perhaps what got Banksy to come forward was the scathing article in The Daily Beast titled: Graffiti Artists Turn on Banksy: The Rise of Art Hate. The article discusses how quickly Banksy paintings have been destroyed when they are put on the street, there is a claim that he has gone corporate. His work does sell for inordinate amounts and perhaps the furor over his work has increased.

Whatever the cause for his return, welcome back Banksy! We’ve missed you.

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