Houston Street Artist, 2:12, Listed in 9 to Watch Around the World

5 of the 9 artists listed on the 9 Street Artists You Should Follow and Support list from Design Good are from the United States. The list includes Shepard Fairey (also known as OBEY) from L.A. and MOMO from New Orleans. Sitting comfortably at slot number 5 is Houston’s own 2:12.

2:12 has often been a topic on my blog as his work surpasses the basic stencils and quick spray work of many street artists. He layers his work and pulls emotion and sensuality from his subjects. From old film stars to real Houstonians, 2:12 is a master at seeing the humanity in his subjects, almost always females, without demoralizing them.

He chooses to post his work in decaying, forgotten spots in Houston and around the world to bring beauty and attention to places that people have taken for granted.

2:12 regularly participates in art shows around the community and is active on social media. He is on Twitter and Instagram as: tx2twelve and his blog which includes photos, videos and a store can be found at: http://www.twotwelveart.com/

Congratulations 2:12 on this great honor and Congratulations Houston for the international art recognition.

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