Word of Mouth Propels “Boyhood” to Box Office Success – Some Twitter Highlights

There isn’t much that makes me happier than supporting a piece of art; be it film, written word or visual art to see it enjoyed by a wide audience. This weekend the film opened to a slightly larger audience and the reaction on social media was instant, passionate and persistent. People are moved by this film. Below are some of my favorite tweets from writers, television personalities and regular film goers.

“bigger news is Boyhood from IFC Films, which looks to take around 34K per screen for another strong weekend as it expands its way across the country. It jumped 39% from Friday to Saturday…” (Source: Deadline Hollywood)

Boyhood is a reminder of how crappy 98% of Hollywood movies are. It’s that good.

— Mo Rocca (@MoRocca) July 20, 2014

Wondering about the elusive Black Album in #Boyhood? Check out the exclusive track listing on @BuzzFeed! http://t.co/5XNQ1K6X0g

— IFC Films (@IFCFilms) July 21, 2014

The personal and the political in #Boyhood: http://t.co/NvLIpETxOx

— Alyssa Rosenberg (@AlyssaRosenberg) July 21, 2014

Did you see #BOYHOOD or hoping to watch it soon? Listen to our podcast w/ stars @PattyArquette & Ethan Hawke: http://t.co/kJLh8cRr2J

— Kendall Cinema (@KendallCinema) July 21, 2014

Finally got around to seeing #Boyhood. THAT’S how you do a 3 hour movie, Michael Bay

— Patrick Kavanagh (@PatrickKTV) July 19, 2014

How did economics present challenges for filming @BoyhoodMovie? http://t.co/WwAwbxftXX #Boyhood #filmmaking pic.twitter.com/mVo7p8OoQZ

— 92nd Street Y (@92Y) July 18, 2014

I broke my four-week movie detox with #Boyhood. An incredible idea with impeccable execution. I smiled, wept copiously and came out wiser!

— Anupama Chopra (@anupamachopra) July 17, 2014

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