Acclaimed Houston Street Artist 2:12 Releases Time Lapse of New Work

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between street art and graffiti is, witnessing the process of a trained and talented Houston artist might help you understand. 


2:12 sells works in galleries around the city, is commissioned to produce work for professional and private collectors and businesses and continues to put pieces up on the streets. His pieces are layered stencil paintings that take hours to create and can be sold for hundreds of dollars, so why put them on the street? This artist likes to share his work with everyone. He prefers to place works in decaying and otherwise forgotten spaces in hopes that people will look more carefully at what is around them. He wants people to think about forgotten spots and he chooses to add beauty where he can. 

As with all street art and graffiti, the work of 2:12 is ephemeral. While some pieces may remain untouched for months, other pieces are stolen or defaced within hours. You can see an assortment of 2:12’s work on his website:

2:12 will be a featured artist in this weekend’s show, Strictly Stencils II at East End Studio Galleries. 

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