Movie Review: ‘Locke’ is Visually Stunning and Tom Hardy Gives an Award Caliber Performance

Locke, (Tom Hardy), is proud to be a responsible father, successful businessman, and loving and involved husband. The problem is that he had a one-time lapse in judgment and it could be enough to change his life forever. Viewers may be disappointed if they go in expecting a thriller, which they may be accustomed to from other Tom Hardy films. Although not a thriller in the traditional since, this film definitely is thrilling to watch in the way that mundane chores are. It’s interesting and sometimes encouraging witnessing how others handle mundane tasks, in this case a barrage of phone calls.


The film begins and ends with Ivan Locke driving his car. If his performance had not been so engaging, tender hearted and provocative, the entire film would have collapsed. Hardy finds nuances to his line delivery and emotes through his facial expressions with impassioned and masterful skill.

The cinematography, photography and direction choices also help to keep this limited set interesting. There are flashes of primary colors, a rotating set of angles in which the actor is shot and there is a tension inherent in the style of edits and ancillary items shared with the audience.  Directed by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises), the film is opening slowly in theaters across the country and is a cinematic treat for those who enjoy film as art. For more information visit:

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