Don’t Miss ‘The Retrieval’ in Houston: Sundance Theater Through Thursday April 24

Don’t Miss ‘The Retrieval’ in Houston: Sundance Theater Through Thursday April 24

After sweeping up awards from film festivals across the country, The Retrieval will be showing at Sundance theater in Houston from April 18-24.

The film is written, directed and edited by Texas born Chris Eska who grew up in the tiny town of Ottine, Texas (pop.98) and went on to study film at Rice University and then UCLA. Chris grew up hiking and wandering through the land and it led to a life-long appreciation of nature and landscape. When the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation approached Chris questioned, what happened the day after the law passed? How about a year later? One hundred years later?

This provocative, deeply involving second feature by director Chris Eska (AUGUST
EVENING) created a buzz at the SXSW Festival, where Tishuan Scott won the Best
Acting award. Set on the fringes of the Civil War, the story centers on Will (Sanders), a
13-year-old black boy who is used by Southern slave-hunters and his manipulative uncle
(John) to lure runaways back to captivity. One such mission sends him up north to entrap
Nate (Scott), a freed slave with a large price on his head. The suspense builds as Will
finds a surrogate father in the proud man whom he is compelled to betray. Eska makes
expert use of reenactors, Texas landscapes, and occasional digital effects to create a
convincing Civil War background on a tight budget.  -program guide of The Gene Siskel Film Center of Chicago


After it’s run in Houston, The Retrieval will be playing at many other cities around the country, check their website for dates, cast and crew information, photo stills and more.

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