‘The Big Short: The Doomsday Machine,’ Coming Soon From Adam McKay of ‘Anchorman’

Michael Lewis tore into the non-fiction book market in 2010 with his gripping and insightful book, The Big Short: Doomsday Machine.The book is about the American housing market and credit bubble which took place in the 2000s. It looked at the financial situation  from both the side of those who could foresee a problem and those who were cashing in on it. It includes information about major American companies including,Bear StearnsCitigroup and AIG Financial. McKay is also known for his books: The Blind Side and Moneyballwhich were both made into successful feature films. 


The film adaptation is being written by and will be directed by Adam McKay. This is an interesting fit as McKay’s directorial pictures to date include:  AnchormanTalladega Nights and Step Brothers. Although his past films are all in the comedy genre, they also all share serious undertones and are peppered with a political subtext which will be necessary to make a successful film translation of this title.

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