The Glorikian Warrior Delivers a Pizza -a Middle Grade Graphic Novel Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

James Kochalka has created numerous successful comics over the years and has earned the Ignatz Award, the Eisner Award and the Harvey Award. He was also named cartoonist laureate for the state of Vermont. Therefore it’s no surprise the his latest book, The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, is a huge success for Middle Grade (grades 2-5), readers.  


The Glorkian Warrior is an alien clothed in a blue jumpsuit. He has three eyes, and three teeth and is bored. His partner in crime is his talking backpack. A phone call comes to their home ordering a pizza and they decide to make the caller’s wish come true. They will deliver him a pizza.

The illustrations are clear, bright, simple and just plain fun. There are stars, explosions, surprises and lots of silliness. This is a fabulous choice for a read-along as the characters are verbally and visually expressive. This book also offers English teachers loads of examples of literary tools: rhymes, onomatopoeia, puns and irony are just a few.

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