10 Years Later- 10 Lessons & Fave Fashions From Carrie on Sex and the City

I came across an article on the Vanity Fair website today that inspired me to re-visit one of the people, (although she is fictional), whom I most attribute my current style too: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

The article was written in honor of the fact that today is the tenth anniversary of the end of the series. I disagreed with most of their fashion favorites and decided to share my favorites with you. 

Sex and the City was a huge inspiration on my life. When it was on I was a young, married, suburban, mid-western wife. All of the examples around me were conservative and corporate and it seemed as if fashion and beauty had to become matronly around the age 40. Thanks in large part to the series Sex and the City,and the way that it  helped me to view life differently, I have more fashion fun as I age. I feel permitted and encouraged to try new things and no longer see age as a burden. 

Here are some of the fashion tips that I learned from Carrie Bradshaw:

1) You don’t have to match! Forget everything that your mother told you. Wear things that look great together and experiment with pieces of differing colors.

2) Again with the rules…Who says that you can’t wear stripes with flowers? Here it’s eye-catching and elegant.

3) Mix elegant items with casual items. Tie on a punk belt with a formal dress. Wear a formal necklace with a tee-shirt. TRY NEW THINGS!

4) Tie one on! I love using random fabric scrap and wrapping them around other outfits for a new look. A skirt can be a top, a scarf can be a skirt. Don’t be afraid to mix colors!

5) Look for interesting lines and shapes when buying clothes. Rough edges can be very appealing!

6) Even the simplistic pieces in your wardrobe can be put together to make something new. Always have a pop of color.

7) Again with mixing- Dress shoes with a casual outfit. Love the effect!

8) Although I wouldn’t go anywhere near that hat…I love the lines, colors, belt and stripes in this combo.

9) It’s all about confidence. Whatever Carrie wears, she doesn’t care what other people think and this makes everything radiant! 

10) You are never too old for T-shirts! Wear them with interesting combos and wear them proudly!

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