Mustache Madness- Staches on John’s: When Bad Facial Hair Happens to Good People

Watching Sherlock Season 3: Episode 1: The Empty Hearse, the terrible facial hair of John Watson was so unsightly and ill-fitting that it became a plot point in the episode. 

Bad facial hair can happen to anyone but there seems to be plethora of Johns who fall victim to the unrealistic idea that their facial hair is in some way appealing. 

 Unfortunately the unsightly mustache is not a new phenomenon as Johns from all walks and eras can be found sporting unsightly facial hair. From Comedian John Belushi (above) to actor John Travolta (below).

A few Johns have embraced their strange facial hair and actually turned it into a part of their trademark.

Musician John Oates (above), comedian/author/philosopher John Hodgman (below) and film-maker John Waters all have signature ‘staches.  


But what of all of the otherwise pretty Johns who just should never have facial hair…

John Mayer, not quite pulling off the Johnny Depp look…

Author, John Green looks like he knows that his ‘stache isn’t working – “What was I thinking?” 

Can we all please agree, if you are named John, unless you are John Leguizamo or Johnny Depp, PLEASE do not attempt facial hair changes without the approval of a trusted friend. As Sherlock said, “I prefer my doctors clean shaven.”

Play along- What are some of your favorite, or worst John facial hair moments?

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