When There’s a Snow Day in Texas… – “I guess we’re Snowden, let’s have a party.”

I woke up today to the roaring excitement of my kids – there is an unexpected day off of school! Which was followed immediately by the pronouncement; “We’re having a party! We named it ‘I guess we’re Snowden, so we should have a party.’ Get the political reference?” The ping pong table is ready, the mac & cheese awaits, countless episodes of Firefly on call, but how did this all come to pass?

No big surprise that a cold and blowing wind can wreck the infrastructure of a peaceful southern city. Here’s a pic of what the traffic/accident situation looked like this morning: (thanks 2:12 for photo permission).

The roads are icy, or they were in the early hours and this means schools, churches and lots of small businesses are SHUT DOWN. We don’t have much in the way of snow removal systems here. Our friend Will had to use his old PlayStation 1 version of The Italian Job as an ice scraper on his windshield.

(My kids relishing in the glory that is a Texas snow day).

In case you were concerned that there is no learning going on today, be placated by the science that is occurring. Plenty of boiling water shall be thrown and this towel, frozen in the form of the plant that it covered is also causing more than it’s fair share of thrill. 

Wherever you are today, be it cold or warm, make the most of it and Happy Friday!

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