Some of Houston’s Best Artists Hit the Streets to Reignite Local Street Art


Three successful Houston artists, Shreddi, 2:12 and Garro hit the streets to say bid adieu to 2013.

“There has been a real shortage of street art in Houston over the past year, so I figured it was a good time to get back out there. I’ve had a lot going on over the last 2 years, but finally had a chance to get back to making art. I have some new ideas in the works and am excited about getting it out there.” -Shreddi


(Camera by Garro, figure by Shreddi. Photo Courtesy of Shreddi)


(2:12 at work. Photo by otexano used with permission of 2:12)

2:12 has been the featured artist in several galleries this year. He’s been experimenting with several new techniques and materials including working on tiles. He tucked some tiles up on the street about six months ago, and wheat pasted a few large portraits but didn’t have much inspiration to hit the street.

I had that piece (belly dancer) set aside since 2011 and had the spot in mind just as long. Shreddi hit me up about going out so I decided to finish it up. Wheat pasting is more fun with a friend.


Here’s hoping that 2014 will bring Houston a resurgence of both new and veteran street artists and a renaissance of art.

*Readers: please let me know when/where you find new work. Let’s try to keep a record of what’s happening on the street in Houston! 

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