Paul Pope’s New Graphic Novel, ‘Battling Boy,’ Begins a Welcome Adventure

From the messy lettering and mummy wrapped ghoul on the first couple of pages I was engrossed in the bizarre, creepy, hilarious and thrilling world created by Paul Pope.

Our young hero, is sent by his father on his mission to become a man. He must save the nightmarish city of Acropolis. He is armed with a cape, which he is too embarrassed to wear, and a suitcase with 16 things, twelve of which are shirts, each with a different animal totem on it.

Battling Boy must figure out who or what he must fight and how to do it with only the contents of his case. The book ends in a nail biting cliff hanger, promising more to come.


With a rainbow of colors and electricity running through every frame, the story is simply intoxicating. It is both a throwback to clear hero and anti-heroes of old-time comics and a bold jump forward. Multiple storylines are introduced which promise to pop back up as the tale continues. This is quite simply a thrill for any comic book lovers from grade 5 up. It’s an incredibly quick read with lush illustrations that will pull the reader back time and again to look for more clues and to relish in the rich world.

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