Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Celebrates it’s 20th Birthday!


It’s hard to believe that Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is 20 years old. Conceived from a series of sketches and a poem that he wrote, Disney did not have high hopes of success for the film. Have made billions of dollar and a consistent seller of merchandise, Disney is re-releasing the film in a collectible 20th addition format on both Blu-Ray and DVD.

A Jenn summary of the film: “What’s This?” Jack Skellington asks. Jack, the King of Halloweentown, wanders into the forest after lamenting about his boredom of repeating the same holiday duties every year. He walks through Christmas tree shaped secret entrance and finds himself in a strange new world.

Jack returns to Halloweentown excited to share his discovery; but even with willing hearts, making Christmas doesn’t come naturally for the residents of Halloweentown. The beautiful ragdoll, Sally, has incredible foresight of what the outcome ma be and she tries to encourage Jack to use caution in his decisions. With a thrilling cast of characters including Oogie Boogie and Lock, Shock and Barrel, and gorgeous stop frame animation, the film can be watched over and over again and still feel new.

Disney has now fully embraced the branding of the film:

“Be it Jack Skellington and Sally walking around alongside Mickey Mouse or the entire Haunted Mansion ride redone for the holiday season to be filled not with traditional ghosts but with Nightmare Before Christmas imagery, the film has become a centerpiece of Disney’s brand during the months of September through December.” Scott Mendelson, Forbes.

The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood offers a viewing of the film in 4-D. Besides the film being shown in its 3-D format, they add sensory effects such as wind, snow, fog and more. The film has been shown at the El Capitan Theater and often has special guests in attendance; in the past guests have included Danny Elfman and Tim Burton.


The film will also be honored at this year’s BAF (Bradford Animation Festival), with a special screening of the film.

And finally, internet provocateur Perez Hilton gets in on the act of celebrating Nightmare with a set of animated gifs: http://perezhilton.com/2013-10-15-nightmare-before-christmas-gifs-20th-anniversary#sthash.1a8qGXKZ.dpbs

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