Shame on You NYC. Seriously? Almost ALL of the New Banksy’s Are Already Destroyed?!

Most of the pieces that Banksy has created in New York since October 1st have already been destroyed. It’s not uncommon for people to cut down Banksy paintings off of buildings and try to sell them on the public market. At least that is somewhat understandable because it’s about greed. The complete lack of regard for Banksy’s new work and thoughtless destruction is pathetic, inexcusable and impossible to understand.

The Verge ( posted photos today showing the almost immediate destruction of Banksy’s new work. For example: the piece that he painted on October 1st, beginning his one month exhibition in New York has been buffed over completely.


(The Street is in Play as painted on Oct. 1st)


(Same piece- now buffed over)

On October 8th, Banksy originally painted a quote, deliberately misattributed to Plato, on a door in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Someone painted over the entire quote and replaced it with their own satirical response. Almost all of the pieces have been partially or completely destroyed.

Banksy has visited other cities throughout the country and had pieces remain for years. For example after hurricane Katrina, Banksy painted upwards of a dozen pieces in and around New Orleans. Although a few of the pieces were buffed over or destroyed by other graffiti, many have been preserved. Some pieces such as the umbrella girl is protected by plexiglass. It’s been seen, visited and studied for years. There have been people who leave tags or tributes around the Banksy pieces but they have for the most part gone undamaged.


So, New Yorkers- What the Hell? Why destroy these fun, interesting, gifts of art? They could become a part of the story of New York and be a gift for residents and tourists. What is the point of the complete destruction of the Banksy art? If these pieces can last for years in a climate as humid and hot as New Orleans, how can similar pieces not survive for a week in what is supposed to be the best city in the country?


(Another undamaged- now 5 year old Banksy piece in New Orleans)

Banksy- come to Houston. We will LOVE any contributions that you make to our city. Judge our politics, our gas industry, whatever! Houston has a thriving art community and you have several contemporaries here: DUAL (, 2:12 (, GONZO247 (, ZEN, just to name a few, who would honor and celebrate your work.

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