#ArtThursday: Exxopolis, a Playground of Light and Color

To see more from the Exxopolis exhibition in downtown Los Angeles, check out the Exxopolis location page. Browse the #Exxopolis hashtag to see photos and videos of the structure from its stops around the globe.

Recently, over 50 people came together in downtown Los Angeles, California, to construct Exxopolis: a three-story-tall architectural structure that occupies roughly half a football field of space. Viewers enter Exxopolis to find a twisting maze of multicolored chambers. The designers, Architects of Air, describe the structure as a luminarium, “a sculpture people enter to be moved to a sense of wonder by the beauty of light and colour.” One of four different luminaria currently traveling the world, Exxopolis continues its tour this week to Shreveport, Louisiana before any further stops are announced.


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