Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick is punchy, smart, sad and completley original

The level of clarity of character and emotion that Matthew Quick, author of Silver Linings Playbook, can achieve with an impeccable efficiency of words leaves me in awe. Leonard lives alone. His Dad, a washed up rock star is MIA, his mother a fashion designer, has chosen to live in NYC with her French boyfriend. When his loneliness threatens to swallow him whole he decides to give gifts to the few meaningful people in his life. As he does, they slowly piece together exactly how ill Leonard is.

“Why is it that people only like it when you ask questions that they have already answered a million times and hate you for stumping them? I love questions that stump me. I really enjoy thinking about possible answers to those types of questions for days and days. Does anyone else like to ponder anymore, or am I just a total freak?”

There are surprising plot twists, realistic discussions on unhappiness and reality breaks; things could always be worse. This books touches on religious, philosophical and ideological perspectives without being over-intellectual or preachy. It’s a fabulous and fast read. Great for non-readers who like a bolt of adrenaline and a good wake-up read for parents of teens to think about what the world looks like from their perspective

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